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Sorry, I temporarily be obliget in on business
(I am engineer-hydrotechnician)
on Nort Africa, therefore I can't now make for models.
I hope in one-two months renew work for FS2002/2004.
This site is denote virtual transport and helicopters to aviations for flight simulator FS202. Here present work of only one designer -
Vladimir Zhyhulskiy, Kherson, Ukraine.
For present-day day by me is created 14 models aircrafts(7 helicopters and 8 planes), many with sounds and panels, lasts work on new models - all of these are submit for this site.
NEW - Focke Achgelis Fa223e Luftwaffe
for FS2002 - transport, SAR, antisubmarine, trainer helicopter (1940).
(on page "Helicopters")
NEXT WORK: 130 Hercules GMax
!!!Execute out Your model order for FS2002 and CFS2 quickly and is qualitative for small payment!!!
На этом сайте представлены работы дизайнера Владимира Жигульского
для симулятора FS-2002.
Новое - "железный капут" - Fa223 - уже в 1940 на этом вертолете немцы
умудрялись перелетать Ла-Манш!

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